• Main Programme

    The main programme of the Diplomatic Academy in Prague.

    Classes for Embassies

    Tailor-made courses of the DA suited for diplomats arriving to the Czech Republic. Taught by Czech senior officials.

    Media Communication

    An intensive programme focused on interaction with the media

    Protocol and Etiquette

    An intensive programme focused on diplomatic protocol and social etiquette

    Public Speaking

    An intensive programme focused on public speaking and how to succeed as a speaker


New Cooperation

Diplomatic Academy and the Pryazovskyi State Technical University have signed a cooperation agreement. Read more

Cyril Svoboda at the ICD

Director of the Diplomatic Academy speaks about cultural diplomacy at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin Read more

Classes for Embassies to CR

The Diplomatic Academy opens new classes aimed at foreign embassies to the Czech Republic. Read more

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  • Vladimír Špidla

    A strong Europe needs a common vision. Europe are its citizens. Her vision is carried by Her representatives. When teaching the representatives, I do not teach "about" Europe. I teach them to be Europe.

    Vladimír Špidla
    Course supervisor European Integration
  • Cyril Svoboda

    Diplomacy is not only a craft, it is indeed a mission. Diplomacy does not belong merely to career diplomats. Diplomats are needed in every office, every business, every organization.

    Cyril Svoboda
    Director of Diplomatic Academy
  • Vladimír Pikora

    The world is not being moved by national interests anymore. Its being moved by the international trade. A diplomat today must also be an economist.

    Vladimír Pikora
    Course supervisor International
    Trade and Finance
  • Jaromír Novotný

    The world has always been, is and will be a dangerous place. Where diplomats don't talk, guns do talk.

    Jaromír Novotný
    Course supervisor International Security
  • Diplomatic Academy in Prague

    Diplomatic Academy in Prague is a private school for diplomats receiving foreign students in the Czech Republic. Prague Diplomatic Academy provides elite post-grade university education in English for prospective private and public diplomats. Founded in 2011 by former Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Cyril Svoboda, it is the only diplomatic school of its sort in Central Europe. Teachers at the Diplomatic Academy in Prague include former Prime Minister and European Commissioner Vladimír Špidla, former Minister of Defense Miroslav Kostelka and former Head of the Czech Foreign Service, general František Štěpánek.